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Welcome to our demonstration of ConservatreeOnline, our groundbreaking e-commerce platform.

Our platform further enhances our commitment to customer service and free information exchange, making us leaders in our field.  This e-commerce solution is fully functional and orders and enquiries received through it will be dealt with as regular "offline" orders.  


How does it work?

When using this site, you will take on the role of a print and finished goods purchaser.

The information you see here is provided directly from our Management Information System (MIS) and uses live, real-time information stored in our  database

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What makes us different?

Our Mission

  • To provide total and complete customer service and an exceptional customer experience, exceeding our customers’ expectation
  • To provide our employees with a fun and enjoyable place to work
  • To have mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships with our suppliers
  • To have strong ties within our community and to care for our environment.


Brand Values

  • Our brand is the most important thing we own
  • Total customer service
  • Quality
  • Value for money
  • Environment.


Core Values

  • Personal Integrity and honesty are at the core of the foundation of our success
  • We listen
  • Customer service is our way of life
  • We truly value our customers and their business.  They are lifeblood of our business
  • We have great employees who have a great place to work, make a positive contribution and are valued for it.  We love team-work
  • We have positive and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers
  • We work hard and enjoy the benefits and reward of hard work